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Hello, all.

I’m writing tonight to rally the troops.

Meet my friend, Miranda.

Mother of two little boys and step-mom to one teenager.

Wife to Tim.

Transplant to NC from California!

Lover of life, laughter, fashion, and Jesus.

Over the last year, her family has experienced one setback after another. Her latest hurdle was a breast cancer diagnosis (btw- she’s only 30 years old).

She had surgery last Friday and if you follow the Wellness Witness Facebook page, you may remember me asking you for prayer then that the surgery would go well and that there would be no other occurrences of

She made it through the surgery and did well, but last night received a call with her results. They said that cancer was found in two of the lymph nodes that were removed, which means she has a longer road ahead of her than was anticipated. She will go in soon for scans to see where else in her body the cancer is located, and she will have surgery again in a couple weeks to remove all affected lymph nodes. She also faces chemotherapy and possibly other treatments depending on what her scans show.

As you can imagine, this was hard news for her to hear.

I need to ask you for two things:
1- PRAY. While you’re praying, pray specifically for:
*Emotional health as well as physical
*that the cancer has not spread further in her body than the affected lymph node area in her armpit.
*for people to step forward and help take care of her boys, bring meals, clean her house, and anything else that needs to be done.
*that she would experience PEACE through this journey and come out on the other side healed, whole, and knowing God in a whole new way
*Minimal side effects from chemo and other procedures that may be necessary
*Financial Provision

2- If you feel led, GIVE.
She is going to have a lot of medical bills and they would appreciate any single amount you can share.
Here is a link to a “GO FUND ME” page that her sister set up.

Miranda’s GO FUND ME page

Thank you in advance for all of you that will pray for her and for those that will GIVE. I’m blessed to know you and to have this outlet to ask for help when it’s needed. I’ll try to keep you updated as I can.

Happy Friday, friends. Make this day count!!!

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  1. We, at Ragan Wesleyan Church, will be praying for each request made. God is able to do all things. May you be lifted and healed in Jesus name. Pastor John and Phyllis Harper

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