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Hey, friends!
It’s Tuesday! I try to share new, healthy (or healthier) recipes with you on Tuesdays, but confess, I’ve gotten quite a bit behind recently! For today, I’m actually sharing with you a recipe from some of my dear friends, Courtney and Katrina of RevWell Anderson.

Y’all know that I love a good protein pancake. I’ve shared my version before, which is delicious, but it has quite a bit more ingredients and is more time consuming than this version I’m sharing with you today.

Katrina first shared this recipe on her YouTube video and I knew I wanted to try it right away. I make a double batch of these things and every time wish that I had tripled it instead.

Here’s her super simple, super delicious recipe:
(This will make a double batch. Feel free to half if you want less)

6 eggs
2 c. oats (I used old fashioned. Quick oats would work fine, too)
2 c. cottage cheese
1聽TB sugar (I used about half dropper of liquid stevia instead. Worked great!)
2聽tsp cinnamon
2聽tsp vanilla

1- Place ingredients into a mixer/blender.


2- Mix.
3- Cook.

Seriously. 聽That’s it.

You can see that we top some of ours with blueberries (frozen that we let sit on the counter to thaw for a bit), mini chocolate chips, and some are plain. I spread mine with some natural peanut butter and love every single bite.

Aren’t these easy?!?!
No grinding the oats ahead of time, no mixing dry ingredients then wet ingredients. Just dump it in and blend. If your mixture seems thick, add a little milk of your choice.

IMG_4245The texture of these won’t be exactly like the regular pancakes you’re used to, but they are seriously tasty and a much healthier option for you.

I hope you enjoy!
Be sure to check out Katrina’s Video on YOUTUBE and stop by their Facebook page for more faith based fitness encouragement. They’re two amazing women who are bringing some serious truth and goodness each and every day.

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  1. These looks so great! Do you know of what I could use in place of the cottage cheese to make them dairy free? Applesauce? I know it would cut down the protein count, but one of my kids is dairy free. I think I would have a mutiny on my hands if I made pancakes and didn’t share with him 馃槈

    • Hello!
      No. 馃檨 I’m sorry. I don’t have any good ideas right now. I know there are some pancake recipes out there that only call for bananas and eggs. I’ve tried them before and did not love them, but maybe you might? I’ll keep an eye out in case I see any great ideas for you!

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