Episode 79: 10 tips for Wellness

These are 10 truths needed for Wellness (According to me!)

1. You are not a mistake. Crafted on purpose.
2. You have a purpose. We are called to live on mission. Because of this, training matters. See #3:
3. We train to love well. Live well. Serve Move well. This isn’t just physical training. This is SOUL training. EMOTIONAL training. COGNITIVE Training.
4. What we put in will impact what comes out. Foods, yes, but also: entertainment. Social media. Gossip. Music. Input determines output in almost every case.
5. Movement matters. Want to stay active when you’re older? Get active now.
6. No one size fits all plan. We don’t teach one approach to eating. Or moving.
7. WORD. Protein. Produce. Water. Rest. 5 pillars.
8. There is no lack in the Kingdom. We are unapologetically for one another.
9. Freedom can be found in authenticity, transparency, and Gospel-centered community. REMOVE THE MASKS.
10. Honoring your commitments and showing up matter. Build in systems and habits that KEEP YOU GOING when you want to quit. COMMITMENT doesn’t shift.

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