Episode #143: Helping our Kids Navigate Technology

If you’re considering giving your child a new device for Christmas, this episode is for you.
If your kids are already using a device/technology and you want to help them do it better, this episode is for you.

I don’t have all the answers. And I’m not telling you what YOU need to do for your kids. You are the expert on your children and you are the one who is ultimately responsible for them. But maybe by sharing this information with you, you’ll learn a few things you can add to help keep them safer online.

Link to save 20% on Bark software: https://www.bark.us/?ref=737M3VC

Link to the cell phone contract we used: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uKOfd0Baed-lIJUJdxosCmaNAlxh3qWtz7wsgNZqi8g/edit?usp=sharing . We got the original template from FreeTeenHelp.com

Article about the undercover investigation with Bark (This one is graphic in nature): https://medium.com/@sloane_ryan/im-a-37-year-old-mom-i-spent-seven-days-online-as-an-11-year-old-girl-here-s-what-i-learned-9825e81c8e7d 

Gabb wireless discount link: PROMO LINK: http://gabbwireless.com/promo/WITNESS PROMO CODE: WITNESS

Link to save 20% on Bark software: https://www.bark.us/?ref=737M3VC

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