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I read this by Jimmy Pena of PrayFit and just had to share it with you.

“Health – like life – is a season. Here today, gone tomorrow. That
heartbeat you just had? God gave you that. What will you do with the
next one He gives? Today and all week long, make a point to live like
there’s no tomorrow. Share Christ, be healthy, work hard, kiss people,
laugh and love. Health is a gift; open daily.”

This morning I woke up tired and a bit grumpy. I thought of the mess waiting for me downstairs that I didn’t clean up before I went to bed. I thought of the obligations I had committed to this week and felt a bit overwhelmed.

It’s easy to go to that place, friends. We start to think about all that we HAVE to do.

I’ve been working on shifting my thinking lately. Alisa Keeton of often talks about how fitness isn’t our HAVE TO, it’s our “GET TO”. I’m trying to use this concept in many areas of life.

Instead of waking up and thinking about all the items on my to-do list, I’m asking God to grant me fresh eyes and determination for the things that I will GET to do. I woke up healthy…In a home filled with more than we could ever need…In the next room over are two kids that still call me “Mommy”…I have two legs that can move and two arms that are strong. I have been blessed.

What about you, friends? What shift in thinking do you need to make this week? Right now, at this moment, we have been given LIFE. A heartbeat, a healthy body. Let’s do like Jimmy says as make a point to live like there’s no tomorrow.

Love y’all. Praying for you and cheering you on!

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