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A few weeks ago I was watching a periscope broadcast by Michelle Myers and she was teaching the importance of asking yourself the following question: IS THIS GOD’S BEST?

Four words that seem simple but can bring such profound clarity and wisdom: IS THIS GOD’S BEST?

This question can be applied to every area of life: our food choices, our relationship choices, our employment decisions, our use of free time, or words with friends and/or our families, etc.

I’ve used it repeatedly since I first learned it, and it has helped me tremendously.

On a stressful day where everything has gone wrong, I’m tempted to hit the nearest drive-thru that I can find to self-medicate with a milkshake. But once I stop and ask myself “Is this God’s best?”, I’m able to see it more clearly and to know that it is not the wise choice.

(If you can’t see the video, click HERE)

When choosing relationships, or determining my response in difficult situations, “IS THIS GOD’S BEST” helps me to choose a response that is more in line with God’s will.

When all I want to do is to lay around and to skip all physical activity: Is this God’s best? No. I know it isn’t. So I get up and I get moving.

When I am living in fear or anxiety instead of trusting in His plans and promises I can ask, “Is this God’s best” and I know not only is it not His best, it’s also against His design for my life.

This question helps me reframe quickly and to put things back into perspective.

I hope that it helps you!

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