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I was blown away by some of the responses I got last night on the Facebook page for the first day of the Wellness Witness #losingthemasks Challenge .

Many people posted pictures with areas of their house that they had never before shown to anyone such as junky garages, messy closets or unfinished renovations that never happened. Some shared projects that they never started that have been taking up space in their homes, or their huge piles of laundry waiting to be washed, dryed, or folded and put away.

Some people sent private messages with deeper, harder to remove masks..some that are struggling with anger towards their family members, feeling trapped by an addiction, not knowing how to turn away from a bad relationship. Some admitted to stacks of clothes that they hold onto from years ago hoping to some day wear them again, or how trash flies out of their car door when they open it. One person wrote of how they want to host people in their home but don’t feel like they can until their home is picture perfect. A friend said that she constantly feels smothered by the need to perform all the roles that she is expected to each day and is tired of trying to keep up with what others say she should do.

Hear me on this— no matter what you feel like you are alone in struggling through, YOU’RE NOT. 

There is NOTHING that you are dealing with that someone else isn’t dealing with, also. And you know what else? No matter what it is that you may be feeling the need to hide from with your mask, THAT DEBT HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID.

For those of us that are in Christ, we have already been freed from whatever it is that binds us because of HIS power, not our own. We don’t have to perform, or earn it, or try to keep His favor…He freely gives it to us.

Whether you’re struggling with the pressure of trying to meet all the demands that are being thrown at you at home and work and church and life in general or if you’re struggling with coming to grips with the person you were created to be- hear me on this…YOU ARE OKAY, because He’s has made you Okay.  Period. When you start to doubt that, start speaking truth to yourself. Sometimes I have to write it down- I write out the promises that God has made about me. And then I speak it OUT LOUD. Sometimes this takes me doing it over and over and over.

Today, your homework challenge is a bit different.

Today, I want you to look deeper into the mask you wear and think about what it is that you really need. See, part of the reason why we all keep wearing our masks is the fear of letting someone else know that we don’t have it all together and that we are not always okay. As we’ve already covered, no one is always okay, and it’s OKAY to not be okay. 馃槈

Today, I want you to reach out to someone and to let them know an area that you’re struggling with. As scary as it may be, i want you to be bold enough to tell them that you’re struggling with this specific area/issue/topic and then ASK THEM TO PRAY FOR YOU.

If you aren’t used to asking for prayer, this may seem weird to you. But friends, there is POWER in prayer. If you don’t have friends that will pray you through, then private message or email me. I would be honored to pray for whatever it is that you’re struggling with. You can also contact a Pastor or a counselor in your area.

You see, friends, the devil wants us to keep our issues hidden, to keep them in the dark where we feel ashamed and alone. But once we bring these things to the light, there is FREEDOM. Nothing and no one is too far from God’s reach.

Will you trust me on this one? Step out today and be willing to be a little more transparent than normal. Ask someone to pray you through and then once you’ve done that, click LIKE, or comment below or on the facebook page.

I love y’all and am so proud of you! I’m praying for you and that God can use this challenge to shine His light on things that have been hiding for too long. You are not alone and YOU ARE OKAY!

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