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Tomorrow morning, my husband and I are boarding a plane and flying to Jamaica to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

About 2 and a half years ago, we decided that we wanted to prioritize memories and time together over “stuff”, so we started a savings fund for our 10th anniversary. We said no to meals out, concert tickets, football games, new clothes, and other fun items and put any extra money towards our travel fund.

Since that time, we saved enough to be able to go away KID FREE for the next week.

This is what I plan to do with my time:

I also plan to sleep in some, to take some leisurely walks on the beach,
to get to know my husband again,  and to do some good eating (and by
good I don’t mean completely healthy).

Things I do NOT plan to
do: Pack anyone’s lunch, wash any dishes or clothes, help do 1st grade
homework (hallelujah!), referee any arguments between little people,
write letters of recommendation for high school seniors, print
transcripts, meal prep, study for any upcoming tests, do planning for
upcoming group fitness classes, or take out the trash.

I debated
about using some of our ‘down time’ to write new content for y’all and
to update the blog, but have since decided against it. I don’t plan to
check-in on social media much (other than posting a quick photo here or
there) because I really feel the need to disconnect for a bit. I cannot
tell you a time that I remember since our honeymoon that we have been on
a trip that I haven’t been either studying for graduate school, taking
care of kiddos, working on content ideas, writing, videoing or studying
for certification.

I am a worker and have a hard time learning to be still. But I know that it’s much needed.

I hope you understand.

time is so rare for us- we are hardly ever without our kids. As much as
I’m going to be missing them and praying for them and hoping that
they’re having a good time, I know that it’s important for our marriage
that we have time that we spend working on us and our relationship.

I’ll be back soon and will be well rested, rejuvenated, and ready to lead you forward in your health and wellness journeys!

you think about it, would you say a quick prayer for traveling safety
and even more so for my sweet kiddos? They need me almost as much as I
need them, so as much as we need this time apart, it will also be really
hard on our hearts.

Thanks, friends!

I’ll be back with some fun pictures to share when we return.

then, continue on. Steward your health well, and even more so your
hearts. PRESS IN to who He says you are and who He made you to be.

I’ll post our newest healthy habit on Monday, March 16th.

And just for fun, here are a few pictures from our wedding 10 years ago:

And here’s our first dance song:

If reading this in your email, click HERE to view the video.

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