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Real life? I launched a course option this week that people had been asking me to create. And according to all business standards, it failed.
I worked on creating the materials, building the sales page, purchasing software for implementation and website templates, setting up the payment processing, sent out emails…all of it.

I set a goal for what I hoped I’d see come through on launch day and then I sent it out into the world.

It’s a strange space- this whole content creation thing. Building or making something that you whole-heartedly believe in and then offering it up to the world to see if they agree. This is true for many of you, regardless of your field or your work.

The process of dreaming, creating, building, launching. Maybe it’s a product, maybe it’s a service, maybe it’s your job performance at your current career. Maybe it’s parenting. Maybe it’s even in friendships. We prepare, we put ourselves out there, and then we wait.
Will it be good enough? Will others think it’s worth investing in? Will others see the value? Will this turn out to be beneficial or a waste of my time?

Can I tell you a truth you won’t hear from the rest of the world? IT’S NEVER A WASTE. Sharing your heart, your insight, your wisdom, your gifting with the world? NEVER A WASTE. Even if it never comes back to you in the ways you expected it to.

You showing up? That matters. You continuing to do what you can to bring goodness and light to the places where you’ve been planted? That matters. You holding all of it loosely, surrendered to the Lord? That matters.

I was talking with my friend Alisa this week about the launch and we agreed and declared out loud, NONE OF IT IS WASTED. The Lord can use it.
It’s not about numbers, y’all. It’s really not. I know that’s hard to believe when culture keeps selling us the complete opposite, but numbers don’t get the final say.

Whatever it is that you’re called to today- DON’T GROW WEARY IN DOING GOOD.
Keep dreaming. Keep creating. Keep showing up. Keep speaking life. Keep growing.

Whether it’s in work or parenting or friendships or church or community roles or anything else- don’t hold back just because someone else might not yet see the value in it.

It matters. Share what He’s taught you. Share what He’s given you. Share what He’s shown you. It matters.

Today, SHOW UP. If you’re willing to, comment below with one place you’re going to SHOW UP in today.
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