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you’re like me, as much as you try to avoid it, you ultimately end up
buying most of your groceries from Wal-Mart due to their low prices.
when I was only a mother of one and I was not working outside of the
home, I was really big into couponing. I would check all the prices each
week at all local stores, then lug my big coupon notebook around with
me trying to get many
of our items for free or really cheap. I was amazed at how many things I
could get for free!

Now that I’m working full-time, Mama to two, teaching local fitness
classes, trying to launch this little ministry, and completing
Revelation Wellness Instructor training, my couponing days are long
gone. I still, however, want to stretch our grocery budget
as far as I can…which often means I go to Wal-Mart to buy most of our

was introduced to a new program they launched called Savings Catcher
and have been using it since April 2014. When I first began using it, I
would do my regular shopping and then go home and go to
on my computer. I would enter the TC number on my receipt plus the date
and then wait a few days. 

Walmart would then send me an email with a
listing of every item I bought and
then tell me if ANY local store sold that same item for a lower price
during the same week in which I purchased it. And here’s the amazing
part- then they would CREDIT me the difference!
 No standing in long
lines toting around local advertisements from other
stores for price matching, no big coupon binders, nothing! 
I needed was a Walmart.com account which I already had, and then to
take the time to keep up with and type in my TC # and date of the
shopping trip. The only stipulation was that this had the be entered
within 7 days of the purchase
In July I found an even easier way to utilize this service- the Walmart App!

I downloaded it for my iPhone and then as soon as I finish my weekly
Wal-Mart trip, I sit in my car and scan in my receipt. Once I scan it, I
select the date on which I did my shopping and click submit! Within a
few days, I get back an email with all the items
I purchased plus a credit for any items that were sold anywhere else in
the area for cheaper. 

It’s like bargain hunting without actually having to do any work!
Once I was ready to “cash in” the credits I had earned, I just clicked “GET IT BACK” on the Savings Catcher Wal-Mart app and a few days later, I got an email with my electronic gift card. I then went shopping, pulled up the email on my iPhone, had the cashier scan it and Bam! I saved $38.61 (The amount I had ‘cashed in’). Since then, I’ve earned another $9.49 in money back bringing my total to $48.10 that I’ve saved over the last 6 months. This required little to no extra effort on my part!
(You can also PRINT out the e-gift card if you’d rather have it than having to pull up the email on your phone.)
Easy, right? If you are like me and shop at Wal-Mart in hopes of lowering your grocery bill a little, you really need to be using their Savings Catcher. (I’m not being compensated for this post- I just found it to be an amazing tool and wanted to share it with you!)
Another benefit- every receipt for everything I buy is now saved electronically in my Wal-Mart app. So if I need to take something back in the future to exchange or for a refund, no more looking for old receipts- it’s all saved on my account!
Awesome, right!?!?!

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