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Happy Friday, friends!

One of the things I have posted about before and follow closely in my own life is using something called a Hormonal Carbohydrate number. I learned this tool from Metabolic Effect and it has been so helpful!

Take the TOTAL # OF CARBOHYDRATES then subtract the grams of FIBER and subtract the grams of PROTEIN. The number that is remaining is your hormonal carb number.

THE LOWER THIS NUMBER IS, the better. Ideally, keep it to less than 10, but NEGATIVE NUMBERS ARE BEST.

I use this tool anytime I’m looking at packaged foods and trying to determine which will have the best impact on my metabolic function.


-Wrap/pita of your choice * Choose one with a low hormonal carb number. My favorite is Joseph’s Flax Pitas, but this time I used a FlatOut Soft Whole Wheat wrap. It had a hormonal carb # of 3 so I could get it GUILT FREE.
-A Low sugar spaghetti sauce
-Veggies of Choice
-Meats of Choice

1- Lay out your wrap/pita and determine if you want to bake it a few minutes before topping so that you can have a crisper crust. If I am using the Flat Out Wraps then I put them in the oven at around 400 to get them a bit crisper. Totally up to your personal preference.

2- Put a little spaghetti sauce on each wrap/pita

3- Get toppings ready for assembling pizzas. This time I cooked some zucchini and onions together, then added grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, and spinach.


We let the kids help us assemble their pizzas, which they LOVE.

For the kids we do mozzarella cheese, sauce and pepperoni.

4- Top pizzas and put onto baking sheets.

We bake them at around 400-425 degrees for around 10 minutes. This will be dependent on the type of “crust” you use and the toppings you use, as well as how brown you want them to be.
They come out looking and smelling delicious!

We serve this with a side salad. It’s filling, fun for the family and keeps us on track with our goals.

Hope y’all enjoy! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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