3 Halloween Class Plan Freebie!

Class #1: Halloween DRUMS

Full class recording: https://youtu.be/F-KGVhASlko

Playlist: GET this as part of the HOLIDAY GAME PLAN download!

Your devotion topic given in the video is on Philippians 2:10 – that one day EVERY knee will bow.

Class #2: Halloween Mash-Up:

1- Warmup: Song: I’m in Love with a Monster by Fifth Harmony.

As song plays, have class walk around room to slowly begin increasing heart rate. Every time they say “I’m in love” instruct class to do 2 jumping jacks then return to walking. You can change this as the song progresses to be squats or burpees. They will continue walking in between. Add in other movements as you see appropriate (arm circles, walking hamstring curls, etc.) during the verses/walking section.

2- Strength Tabata. Timer will be set up to do 8 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest alternating back and forth between these two movements
A: Zombie Walk- this is walking lunges with 1 weight held straight out. Modification: Walking rear leg lifts with a pulse if needed and they can’t lunge.
B: Monster climbers- these are mountain climbers. Modification: have them do standing if needed.

rest and explain next song.

3- Play song Ghostbusters
While the song plays, they are to jog (walk to modify) or skip around the room. Anytime the song says “Ghostbusters” they drop and do a burpee then return to walking. (Modification would be a walking deconstructed burpee or a calf raise with a reach then a squat with a step back with each leg).  During the chorus section where it says “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” instruct them to do jumping jacks.

Rest and explain next section.

4- 7 move circuit. Each movement will be for 30 to 40 seconds each (depending on your class length) and the entire circuit will be done a total of 3 times. Each move name spells out PUMPKIN.
P: Press and Squat (This is a squat press I just reversed the name to make it fit)
U: Under-the-leg-weight-pass reverse lunges (1 weight. Reverse lunge then pass the weight underneath. Switch legs with each rep)
M: Man Makers: This is a push-up, plank row L, R, Hop to squat position, stand and curl then overhead press. Squat and hop feet back to plank. Repeat.
P: Pick-ups: This is like a squat jump but you’ll hop feet in and out while you sweep one hand in front of body like you’re sweeping up something from the floor. Alternate hands.
K: Kicks: Fast kicks alternating LR
I: Invent your own move (They can pick any move they want)
N: Narrow bicep curls, wide bicep curls (alternate between the two)
3 times through total

5- Tabata: Timer will be set up to do 8 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest alternating back and forth between these two movements
A: Zombie Run: Have participants sprint width-wise back and forth across floor
B: SSSSShhhhhh…be still planks: Have participants hold a high plank for 20 seconds wherever they’re at when the timer begins.

Time left? Consider a cool-down song. I love to use this older one from Refit Rev.

(See below for Devotion ideas)

Halloween 3:

WARMUP using the idea from Halloween 2 workout above or pick your own!

Stations: There will be options for 9 stations (Choose how many you’d like based on time and class size). Each station will require participants to spend 1 minute doing the assigned exercise before they rotate to the next station (30 seconds to rotate).

Station Ideas:
1- Booty Burner (weighted hip bridges)
2- Frankenstein sit-ups  (straight leg sit-up- arms extended out in front)
3- Wolverine Crawl (bear crawls across floor or side to side on mat)
4- Jack-o-lantern-Jumps (squat jumps)
5- Soaring Supermans (superman core move)
6- Creepy Crawlers (mountain climbers)
7- Trick-or-treat-dash (sprints across floor)
8- Monster Mash (slam balls. If you don’t have slam balls, have them do body punches)
9- Frankenstein walk (weight straight out in front, walking on tip toes across floor)

*Halfway through this workout, have them stop and complete the GHOSTBUSTER song as described in Halloween workout #2.

Change length of time and number of rotations to meet the needs of your group.

Halloween Devotion topic idea: Romans 11:33-36 from the MSG Paraphrase
33-36 Have you ever come on anything quite like this extravagant generosity of God, this deep, deep wisdom? It’s way over our heads. We’ll never figure it out.

Is there anyone around who can explain God?
Anyone smart enough to tell him what to do?
Anyone who has done him such a huge favor
    that God has to ask his advice?

Everything comes from him;
Everything happens through him;
Everything ends up in him.
Always glory! Always praise!
    Yes. Yes. Yes.

While most people celebrate mystery and suspense and dark, creepy things at Halloween, we celebrate the true source of LIGHT-the true source of LIFE.

Although our minds can’t understand Him, we know this: FROM HIM and TO HIM, and THROUGH HIM are all things. To Him alone belongs the glory forever.
Everything comes from Him. Every thing. ALL things.
Your family. Your talents. Your health. Your relationships. Your hobbies and interests. Your calling. Your abilities. ALL OF IT from Him.

Everything happens through Him. Every thing. ALL things. He alone is the One who is fully in control of our circumstances and our future. He holds each moment and filters all things through His hands.

Everything ends up in Him. Every thing. All things. One day He will set all things right. The darkness will no longer weigh heavy. The tragedies and sadness that we’ve endured will end. The tears will be wiped away.

At the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE will bow.

We know how the story ends, friends.
The NKJV says it this way: For of Him, and through Him, and to Him are All things, to whom be glory forever. We have nothing to fear. Nothing and NO THING.  We can praise Him today. Our shield and defender. Our safe place. Our rock. Our strong tower. Our redeemer and our friend.

Everything comes from Him. Everything happens through Him. Everything ends up in Him. Always glory! Always praise! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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