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Early on in this journey, I needed to constantly remind myself of my “why”. I used a little notebook that I called my inspiration journal to do this with. You can read more about that journal here.

Another thing that I did was to find scripture that was applicable and to speak it to myself. Sometimes even out loud. It gave me the push I needed to keep persevering during difficult moments.

I still pull it out from time to time and last week, I put it together into printable form for anyone that was interested in it. I hope that for someone that reads this, it will serve as the extra push that you needed to get you back on track.

Print out several copies. Put them in your trigger zones. For me that was is my car (hello, drive-through fast food temptation!), my fridge, and my nightstand.

I hope that this resource helps you and encourages you on your journey. Love y’all!

If you would rather download a PDF version, you can get it here: Scriptural Encouragement(2)

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