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This week we have been tackling our masks. You can catch up on the previous posts here:

Intro Post

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Today we wrap things up.

I want you to reflect (either just to yourself or by posting/emailing/commenting) on these questions:

-What is your biggest takeaway?

-How has the way that you view your own masks changed?

-How has the way that you view OTHERS masks changed?

-How has the way that you view OTHERS ‘perfection’ changed?

-What do you want to tell yourself moving forward?

Know this, friends: If you have accepted Jesus, then no mask is necessary. Ever. When God looks at you He no longer sees all of your mess, He just sees Jesus.

You are saved.

Set apart.





Rest in that today. I love you all and cannot tell you how much your emails and messages this week have meant to me. I’m honored to be walking through this with you and will be praying for all those that sent me requests. You are beautiful, friends.

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