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Hey, friends!

For a long while I’ve been contemplating and praying about the possibility of leading a tribe of brave women through my book, Finally Free, in a private group setting. Yesterday, I felt like the Lord told me it was time to begin, so the #finallyfreetribe is beginning!

EXCITING NEWS!!!! I've decided to run a 28-day online accountability group for any woman who has purchased the FINALLY FREE book and who wants to walk through it day by day together. This group will be for all ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. It will focus on taking each day's content a little bit deeper and allow a private group setting for discussion, encouragement, accountability, and motivation! (If you haven't bought your book yet, there's still time to order it and get it back before we begin!) If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please leave your email address below. The enrollment cost for the entire month of coaching, support, and teaching is just $10! Hurry, spaces are limited and we start September 1st!

Starting now, any interested female can sign up to be part of this group for a fee of $10. It will feature a private Facebook group with daily interaction, teaching, coaching, encouragement, motivation, support, and accountability. We will dive into the Finally Free book and discuss in depth the content and allow the Lord to speak to us in new ways.

It is my prayer that by walking this 28 day journey together, we will be stronger and able to really find new places of freedom together with the Lord.

If this excites you, please keep reading for more information on how to get signed up!


What is it? This group will be an online, private Facebook group that will go through the book FINALLY FREE by Kara Osborne beginning on Sept 1 and running through Sept 28th, 2016.
It will feature daily posts and/or videos, discussion questions, encouragement, tips, strategies, and accountability for those that want/need it.

Can I join if I’m not on Facebook? You must have a Facebook account to be able to participate in this particular group.

I haven’t ordered a copy of the book yet. Can I still do so?
Yes! But, order soon to ensure it comes in time. To order your book, go to and you’ll see the link to click to order. This is done through an external site and publisher.

How much does it cost?

The cost for registration is $10 and must be paid up front before you can be sent the group invitation link.

Can I invite my friends to join in the fun?
Absolutely, but again, they must submit payment before they can be added to the group.

How do I get signed up?
Go to:
Either login or create your account, then you’ll click to SEND MONEY. Under special instructions to seller, please include the FACEBOOK NAME that you’ll be using to request access so that I don’t miss seeing your request come through.

Once you’ve submitted payment, within 3 days I will send you an email with a link for you to REQUEST ACCESS to the private group. If you have NOT received this within 3 days of payment, please contact me by email at

I still have questions. Can you help me?
Email me at: and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Dig out your copy of the book and get ready. We begin on September 1st!

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