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As I’m writing this for you, some might say that the Internet is broken.

That’s totally NOT an accurate statement, but it IS true that Facebook, Instagram, Whats App and other social media apps were all down and stayed down for around six hours. 

This is exactly why I encourage all of my students to BUILD AN EMAIL LISTas soon as they possibly can. Social media is great, websites are great, podcasts are great, but without an email list you’re at the mercy of another platform or service to connect you with your users. And as we’ve seen many times, this isn’t always reliable.

Websites crash.
Accounts are blocked.
Profiles are hijacked.

You’ve probably heard horror stories of large online influencers who had their accounts hijacked or shut down who were never able to recover them. I’m not sharing this with you to scare you but to help you see that building an EMAIL LIST is SO important if you want to be able to stay in touch with your ‘people’ without having to rely on social media or another service. 

The beautiful part of an email list? Once someone opts in, you own that list of addresses. You can contact them directly, and although not everyone reads every email that comes to their inbox (I don’t even come close!), email marketing is still a GREAT way to reach your customers and help them know about what all is going on. Another huge benefit? You’re not a slave to an algorithm which currently only shows your content to less than 6% of your Facebook page followers and around 10% of your followers on an Instagram business account.

Typical email open rate? Around 22% or so.

Want to stay in touch with your people and not have to rely on ‘borrowed space’ to do so? Begin building your email list. 

Want to learn more? Start with a google search to find more information and choose your email marketing provider (many of these are free to start out with!). Or, we cover all of this and more in Unit 3, Lesson 3 of the On Mission Online Course. 

Click the link below to learn more.

Build your list and then nurture your list by providing helpful content on a consistent basis. This is a win-win- You get to help and bless others by sharing information that you’ve learned along the way, and they get to know more about who you and what all you provide.

Best time to start an email list? RIGHT NOW. 

Not sure where to begin? I started with MailChimp back in 2014 and their free plan was more than sufficient for what I needed at that time. Other options that people seem to like: MailerLite, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, AWeber and more! Get going today. It’s never too late to begin!

Have a good day, friends!

p.s. Need some help? Be sure to check out the COURSE where I’ll cover all of this and much, much more!

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