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It’s Tasty Tuesday!

There are many meals that I fix that my kids just don’t like.
To be honest, sometimes I don’t blame them.

They would much rather have mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs every day than to eat meals like broccoli slaw, green soup, broiled fish with salads, etc.

But- this easy meal idea I’m sharing today is KID APPROVED and relatively healthy. My friend Tina fixed this for us years ago and we LOVED it.

Things you’ll need:
-A pack of low-carb tortillas. We prefer the brand Mission, but there are many options out there. Be warned, some taste MUCH better than others. We tried some really bad ones before we found one we loved.


IMG_2028 IMG_2029
-Whatever cooked meat you want to use. We used canned chicken this time as it was what we had, but you can use any type meat your family prefers, cooked about any way.
-Desired toppings. We used a little brown rice (can use quinoa instead), black beans, shredded cheese, jalapenos, and topped with salsa and sour cream.

Heat up a pan or a griddle. We set our griddle temp to 350.

While this is heating up, assemble your quesadillas. For my kids I use one tortilla each and fold it in half with their toppings of choice inside.  For my husband and I, I use two tortillas each and assemble them like a mexican pizza.

I always put cheese as the base layer and a bit as the top layer so that as it cooks it will melt and help hold the quesadilla together when it’s time to flip it over.

(Also, be warned that if you stuff it too full, flipping it without spilling your contents will be next to impossible).

Once you’re ready to cook, use whatever you prefer to grease your pan/griddle. We went with butter this time and then sprinkled down some sea salt.

Add your prepared quesadillas and allow to cook for several minutes. Once the cheese has begun melting, press it together with your spatula, and then it’s time to flip. This can be interesting!

IMG_1989Here’s a peek at the inside while cooking. Be sure both the top and bottom are on there good before you try to flip!

Cook a few minutes on the other side and then you’re all set!

We top ours with salsa, sour cream (or greek yogurt) and lettuce.

Easy, quick, and relatively healthy. Plus, both kids gave it a thumbs up!~
IMG_1991 IMG_1993

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. These look great! I feel like the weirdo mom and sometimes get angry/offended when my kids don’t like something. How do you respond in love? My kiddos would love to eat all the same things you listed. I too am looking for kid-approved, yet healthy choices for all of us (not just momma!). Thank you for sharing this recipe—I’m gonna try it tonight!!


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