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Yesterday I posted this picture on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

One of the comments was: “Kara, what’s your secret for getting up early?”

The short answer: Discipline.

The long (true) answer: I don’t like getting up early. Really. I would go as far as to say that I hate it. But I know that I’ve made a commitment to some ladies that I really love and that they are counting on my to show up. I also know that the benefits (more energy, a heart centered on God, increased strength and health) far outweigh the cost (lost sleep).

And then today, I was eating this for lunch:

And someone said, “How do you make yourself eat that instead of fast food?”

The short answer: Discipline

The Long (true) answer: I don’t always like to eat salads. Some days, like today, I didn’t want to. And some days I don’t and choose to eat other things instead (including fast food). But I know that there are people counting on me (my kids, my family, many of you), and I don’t want to let you down. More than that, God’s revealed to me that I need to take care of myself and my health…even on days that I don’t want to, and I don’t want to let HIM down. Also, I know that the benefits (more energy, better health, increased strength, etc.) outweigh the cost (wanting to eat ice cream for supper).


It’s not a new, exciting concept. It’s not a 21 day quick fix plan. It’s not a magic pill or a shake that you can drink each morning for instant results.

But it matters.

And it works.

And each time that I choose to exercise discipline when I need to, it gets easier. Good choices lead to other good choices.

Aannndddd they allow me to make other (Fun!) choices from time to time without guilt or shame.

Just in case you forgot: eating a salad and getting up early to exercise don’t make me ‘GOOD’ just like eating junk food and sleeping all day can’t make me ‘BAD’. God’s already said I’m good and so I don’t have to strive for perfection. NEITHER DO YOU.

Today, instead of looking for the next quick fix, ask God this question: “How can I honor You with my health today?”

He may tell you to drink a glass of water, or to go to bed earlier, or to take a walk after supper. Or maybe He just tells you to back to the whole point of this journey- TO POINT TO HIM.

Friend, you’re off the hook…He will do the work. Our job, to let Him and to exercise DISCIPLINE when it’s needed.

Praying for you and cheering you on!

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  1. Hey Kara! Okay, I'll try this again. Not sure what happened to my comment! I have a question for you. This may be something that will be discussed during instructor training but I'm struggling with knowing when it's okay for me to have something not so healthy and when it's not. Like you said that there are times when you DO eat fast food or whatever, and times when you practice discipline. How do you decide which choice to make? I know that there's this part of me that wants a "plan" or "rules" to follow so I'll know exactly what to do but that's not what RW is about (or walking free!)! So it's just something I'm struggling with. Also, I sometimes get stuck in this cycle where I choose to eat something I didn't really want to (or know I didn't need), say a cupcake, and something happens inside of me and then I want to eat a bunch of crap for the rest of the day (or worse, it turns into a few days). Like I remember seeing a pic of you eating a doughnut and I thought, man I don't think I could've eaten that without it triggering something or whatever! Does that make sense?!

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