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I like to plan ahead and know what I’m going to be fixing for supper each night. I also like to meal prep. 

But I also live in the real world and it’s not always possible. 

Some days, we run straight from work to school to soccer practice to the grocery store to the bank and to bed. I know you know what I mean by this. 

Some days, I just don’t have a good healthy meal planned and prepped. 

Before I began this healthy living journey, that meant I would hit up my favorite fast food drive-thru. 
Although sometimes I still fall prey to the allure of the ease and speed of the drive-thru, most days I am able to come up with healthier options that are quick and inexpensive. 

Here’s one of my favorites lately:

Deli Roll-upsPicture your favorite sandwich, but without the bread. 

Quick, easy, inexpensive and delicious. 

Here’s my favorite way to make mine:

1- Start with your favorite brand and flavor of deli meat (use whatever you like: turkey, ham, roast beef, etc.)

2- Spread with your favorite condiments. I use mayonnaise and mustard. 

3- Add any toppings you like. For these I used thin sliced cheddar cheese (Sargento brand), broccoli slaw, pickles, lettuce and carrot shreds. The more toppings you use, the messier it will be. 

For a quick snack, I just use mayo, pickle, cheese and ham. For a meal, I pile on the veggies and use toothpicks to secure. It IS a mess, but SO good. 


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