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This past winter, I enrolled in an online cooking class. It was taught by Leslie Ann Quillen and was called Fat Loss Cooking School. She teaches how to cook foods that are fat loss friendly and she is a huge proponent of Metabolic Effect style of eating (my personal preference. See my Recommendations page for more info).

Leslie Ann can throw together recipes that I never would have thought of. Last month, she posted a recipe for Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles. I tried them one day when I was in a desparate hunt for a sweet treat, and they did NOT disappoint.

I’ve since made them multiple times and have tweaked her basic recipe a tiny bit.

For the full low-down, some much better pictures, nutrition info and a step by step guide, GO HERE NOW.

My version is basically the same as hers plus one more ingredient for a bit of crunch: peanuts!

First, gather your ingredients.
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder (this is a superfood and a serious craving crusher!)
Just Good Stuff Organic Chocolate Powdered Peanut Butter (you can also use PB2 for this in the regular or the chocolate version- in my opinion the chocolate variety is tastier in this recipe)

Here’s an up close shot of the Organic Powdered Peanut Butter ingredients: I found mine at a local health food store- on sale it was $7.99. OUCH. However, it has lasted a long time.

1-I crush/chop my peanuts. Don’t overcomplicate this- Typically I chop a bunch in advance and keep in a bowl in the cabinet. Today I was out so I took a TB of peanuts, put them in a snack bag, and then rolled a heavy candle over top until they were crushed up. Put in small bowl.

2- Add in 2 TB of the powdered chocolate peanut butter (or regular variety if that’s what you’re using)

3- Add in 1 tsp of UNSWEETENED cocoa powder

4- Add in 1 TB of water.

5- Stir and then form into two little balls. If they are too runny, add more powdered pb. If too dry, add a little water.

At this point Leslie Ann rolls them in more cocoa powder. I like mine without it- do what you like. You could also add more chopped peanuts at this point to make them look prettier 馃檪

Eat both of these little truffles and enjoy them GUILT FREE. The hormonal carb value is a zero or a negative number (depending on the # peanuts you used), so you can enjoy them without having to worry about what they are doing to your fat-loss efforts.

A little FYI- if you are early on in your health journey and are used to really sweet treats, these may seem a bit “off” to you. Now that I’ve weaned off of most sweets, I LOVE things with unsweetened cocoa powder, but for some people, this is a bit of an acquired taste. I gave these truffles to my kids. One LOVED them, one ran to the bathroom and spit it out.

For me, they are a great option when I’m wanting a treat but know I don’t need anything- especially at night!

Try them and let me know what you think!

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