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Hey, friends!

Sorry for the long absence. I didn’t plant to be absent for so long, but life has been busy and full, and time has flown by.

The last couple weeks I’ve been working on getting my book ready to go to printing (eek!!!). It’s called Finally Free and is a 28 day devotional that will tackle our hearts first and then our health. I am excited to see what the Lord will do through it and praying that those who read it will find some new freedom.
Here’s a picture of the cover, which was designed by my friend Hannah.
Beautiful, right?
She did such a good job!

Last week I was devastated with the news that my suite mate from college, Melody, has passed away due to cancer. She was an amazing person and truly loved the Lord. I was able to travel to her town for the funeral which was really a celebration of life and testimony to the goodness of God.

When I returned home, the Lord led me to film The Most Important Question I’ve Ever Asked You which was shown to 10,000 people and watched by almost 4000. And the best part? It led to me getting to share with a reader about salvation and she ended up giving her life to the Lord. Isn’t that amazing?

Sometimes we just have to be BOLD. When you feel the Spirit leading you to speak, then SPEAK UP. Even if you’re afraid. Even if your voice shakes. SPEAK UP. He will bless it.

The At-Home TRIBE has continued to grow and these amazing women have been blessing my socks off. They are bold and willing to show up and press forward even when times are hard. They’re holding each other accountable and cheering each other on. It’s beautiful. We’re getting ready to launch into February with all new content, workouts, and teaching so if you’ve been waiting for a good time to join, this is it. For all the details about this $12 a month faith based wellness program, visit .

I’ve been working on some new recipes and this past week have almost perfected a Creamy Cauliflower CrockPot soup as well as a Fat Loss Friendly Taco Soup. I hope to do a creamy spinach spaghetti squash dish tomorrow and will be sharing these with all of you soon.

We received our first big snow of the year last Friday and I’ve been trying to soak up every minute with my family that I could. I was excited when I knew the kids would be going back to school today, but as soon as I dropped them off I was missing them terribly.
Here are a couple pics from our snow day fun:
snow day 1 snow day 2 snow day 3I hope that you’ve been staying warm and that your January has been off to a great start. If you’re starting to lose your motivation, here’s a quote I just posted on the FACEBOOK page this morning.

“Our health- as a Believer in Christ- is so much more than what society says it to be. For us- it is about stewardship. It is about obedience and full submission, turning this gift of life and the tool (our bodies!) He uses to do His work, back to Him…If it’s been a while since you’ve asked God what He may want you to do in regards to your health, then I encourage you to do that. Just like the areas of parenting, marriage, finances, schooling, etc- it will look different for each of us, but it’s our duty to ask, listen, and then obey…”
Quote from Discipline: The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot.

Press on today, friends. You can do this! His strength. His provision. His glory.

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