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I used to really, really love a good fresh summer-time tomato sandwich.

I would slather Duke’s mayonnaise on two slices of soft, white bread, plop on the tomatoes, then add salt and pepper. Sometimes I would go ahead and add bacon and lettuce for a BLT, and sometimes I would eat them plain.

I no longer eat soft, white bread (or any other breads most of the time), but when I saw the fresh, vine ripened tomatoes at the produce stand this week, I started craving one.

I decided to make BLT wraps instead, and they were a hit! This simple supper was easy to prepare and didn’t take much prep work at all.

Because I was making a whole pack of bacon, I cooked it in the oven so I could prepare more at one time.

I lined my pan with foil (ran out after only doing one pan) and preheated my oven to 450.

I cooked the bacon around 18 minutes or so and it came out looking like this:


I put three paper towels on a large plate and piled all the cooked bacon on it

and then I  used a few more paper towels on top to press out the grease.


I put it on the table along with fresh iceberg lettuce leaves, fresh local tomatoes, raw veggies, berries, and some cooked zucchini and onions.

We used the iceberg leaves as the wrap, spread them with mayonaise, and then added bacon and tomatoes. I also used some black pepper. SO, SO GOOD!!!!

I plan for this to be a weekly meal for the rest of the summer.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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