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Hey, friends!

Wanted to update you on what all God did last week.

First off, our LLC was officially approved! This happened a couple weeks back, but I hadn’t shared this with you yet, so I wanted to let you know. We filled out all the required paperwork, sent it in, and 5 days from the day I put it in the mailbox we received word that it had been approved. We were told to plan on a 4-6 week wait, so it was a relief and a blessing to get it back so quickly.

SO fun! We’re officially Wellness Witness LLC!

Once we had that in place, we were able to open our first business banking accounts. My husband has a friend who helped us get this set up and so on Thursday, all four of us went and filled out all the required paperwork.

I put in all of the savings I’ve got from my local fitness classes, and celebrated this milestone that God had brought us to.

It was also fun to do this as a family and to get to list my husband as my “employee”. 馃檪

Then on Friday, a newspaper from a neighboring town ran an article on the Wellness Witness ministry and our bootcamp classes.

Reading about our journey over the past 11 months was such a testimony to God’s goodness and faithfulness and to how He is leading this entire thing. He is orchestrating events as He sees fit and in His timing.

I just get to show up and say “yes”. What a gift.

And friend, He has a mission like this for you, too. It may not be in fitness and it may not be something public, but He’s got a plan and a purpose that He’s calling you to. When you trust Him and step out in faith, He will do the work. He will. You just keep showing up and stepping forward when He tells you to.
Scary, yes, but totally worth it!

If you’re interested in seeing this week’s Monday Morning Motivation video, head over to the Facebook page. This week we’re talking about FEAR!

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