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Happy New Year!!

If you haven’t yet read yesterday’s post, please click HERE to do so now.

And now that you’re all caught up, here is our first Healthy Habit we are mastering:
You’ve heard it for years… “Drink more water!” 
And for years, I wanted to. I really did.
But I didn’t LIKE water. 
My tastebuds were so used to sweet
tea, Cheerwine (if you aren’t familiar it’s the most delicious soft drink ever invented- a Southern delicacy!), and other sugar sweetened beverages that I had a difficult time getting down
any water at all.
So I started small.
 First I needed to understand WHY water
mattered to my health so I did a bit of research.  I found:

-Water is KEY for fat loss
-Our brains are 90% water and our bodies are 70% water.
-Water is proven to increase energy and relieve fatigue (who doesn’t want
-Water helps with concentration and focus
-Water removes the by-products of fat, reduces eating intake (by taking up
space in your stomach if consumed before your meal), and reduces hunger.
-Water has been proven to increase metabolism and has ZERO calories!
-Water flushes out the toxins and other stuff that you don’t want to keep in
your body.
-Water improves skin complexion
-Water maintains regularity
-Water benefits kidney function- each day our kidneys process 200 quarts of
blood by sifting out waste and transporting urine to our bladder. By giving
your body plenty of water, you make their job easier!
-Water has been proven to boost immunity!
-Water is a Natural Headache remedy
-Water can prevent cramps and sprains by keeping joints well lubricated and
muscles more pliable.

Here’s one more fact I wanted to share with you: Those who
drank at least five 8 oz glasses of water a day DECREASE their risk of heart
disease by up to 60%. This is the same benefit that someone would receive if
they were to quit smoking.
So our first habit will be learning to drink (and love)

For the first week, let’s break it into smaller, more doable steps. 

each day’s assigned task. Remember, we are seeking LIFE LONG, SUSTAINABLE
change, so this isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.

Day 1– Gather together a container, jug, pitcher, or several bottles to use for
your water habit. Do NOT go overboard and spend a large amount of money on a
perfect water bottle, UNLESS that water bottle will encourage you to drink more
water due to it’s cuteness. 

Some people like to use a large bottle like this:

Others prefer to use several smaller water bottles:
And others prefer one big jug or pitcher. 
Go ahead and find what works best for you and make sure they’re
washed and clean.
Homework Task for today: Post a picture of your bottle/jar/jug/container of choice to the Facebook page or Instagram account with the tag #backtobasics2015
*Extra credit for today– drink one glass of water before
your evening meal.
Day 2– Replace ONE of your daily beverages with a glass of
That’s it.  Now wash
your bottle/jug/container and make sure it’s ready for Day 3. 
Day 3– Continue to replace ONE of your daily beverages with
a glass of water. Also have one glass of water before your evening meal. 
Day 4– Do exactly as you did on Day 3.
Extra Credit: Go find a photo that someone posted of their bottle/jar/jug/container and comment on it. Cheer one another on!!

Day 5– Attempt to replace TWO Of your daily beverages with a glass of water.
Continue having one glass of water before your evening meal.

Day 6– Do exactly as you did on Day 5. 

Day 7– Do as you did on Day 6. Then, fill up your
bottle/jug/container with water to equal at least 32 ounces.  Beginning on Day 8- 32 ounces will be your
Homework Assignment: Comment on the Facebook page with your Week1 Check-in and how things went for you the past 7 days.
Remember, SLOW AND STEADY is how we will build lasting
change. One thing that I’ve learned is that your body will begin to crave what
it’s used to. Water drinking WILL get easier. Continue taking it in small
 If you’re already a
water drinker, this week will be easy for you. Do us a favor and offer some
support to those that may be struggling to get this habit started.
Bes sure that you did Day #1’s homework assignment: (Post a picture of your water jug/bottle/container on the
WellnessWitness Facebook page or Instagram account and use the tag :
I’m praying for you and cheering you on!!!

Remember, we will focus on ONE healthy habit for 21 days before we move on to the next one. Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit so we are taking this slow and steady. 

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