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Hello, friends!

On January 1st, I launched the #backtobasics2015 challenge where we
would tackle a new healthy habit every 21 days. No more quick fixes or
10 day plans towards six pack abs.

Small, sustainable changes that will add up to change your life.

To read more about it, you can click here.

You have made it to the third week of our latest healthy habit: MOVING OUR BODIES!

If you missed the last two posts for this habit, you can find them here and here.

Here are this week’s tasks. Feel free to print off the checklist if that helps you, or save a copy of the picture on your phone for referring back to it quickly each day.

I’m so proud of you!

Day #15: February 5th:
You’ve now spent 5 weeks working towards better health. I am SO proud of you!
How’s the water intake going? Are you still getting as much as you need?

The past two weeks you began incorporating some daily movement into your life.
Congratulations! This is a big step. Some of you may have easily mastered this
habit, and others may be taking it a bit slower. I want you to RUN YOUR OWN
RACE. What I mean is that I want you to move the way God made your body to
move. Whatever form of exercise you are trying to implement, make sure that
it’s focused on HIM. It won’t matter how many reps you can do, how fast you can
run, or the amount you can lift if you aren’t focused first on Him and His

Today’s challenge: find some stairs and walk up and down them for at least 3
minutes. If you only have a few at your home, you can do this same challenge
but using a step stool instead. Spend 3 minutes stepping up onto it, then stepping
down and repeating with the other leg. If you have access to flights of stairs
at your work place or where you live, use these. Spend at least 3 minutes on

Day #16: February 6th:
On Day #13 I asked you to begin doing calf raises while you brushed your teeth
and doing squats while you brushed your hair. Today, add in some side leg lifts
while you are reheating something in the microwave.  Try to begin making it a habit to use these
types of times to add in physical movement. Little changes can add up to big
results, so keep at it.

Some other examples: do 20 jumping jacks before you take your shower each day,
do a set of crunches before you get into bed each night. Hold a plank or wall
sit for 1 minute while waiting on something that is baking in the oven. While
at your child’s athletic practice, walk laps around the gym or the soccer
field. Having to wait in line somewhere? Perform calf raises, squats, or side
leg lifts. People may give you a strange glance. Just smile back and say “I’m
getting stronger so I can serve Him longer!” They’ll still look at you crazy,
but you can smile and press forward anyway. I’m proud of you!

Day #17: February 7th:
Today I want you to take inventory of any positive changes you may have noticed
over the last five and a half weeks. There is a chance you may have seen a
difference on the scale, but there is a higher chance that you may not. This is
perfectly fine, because we aren’t looking for quick fixes, but slow, steady,
sustainable change!

Get out your motivation journal and make a new page. Write at the top: NSV:
Non-Scale Victories

On this page I want you to begin keeping a list of any positive changes that
you may notice that do NOT rely on the scale. Some examples might be:
-more energy
-Sleeping better
-Clearer skin
-more patience with my kids/spouse/friends/co-workers/etc.
-pants fit better

We have got to get our eyes OFF of the scale if we’re going
to keep moving forward. If you’re willing, head over the facebook page and
share a NSV with us that you’re noticing.

Day #18: February 8th:
Today I’m challenging you to try something new: intervals. This type of
training is super-effective at getting results for people and can be done in a
short amount of time. For more info, watch this video.

These can be done using almost ANY form of exercise- walking, running,
swimming, biking, dancing, etc. Pick the type that you prefer and then GO FOR

I recommend you add these to your weekly routine at least 1 time but not more
than 3 times per week as they are pretty taxing on the body.

Day #19: February 9th:

Today starts a new week! Get out your motivation journal.
Read through your WHY. Update any of your quotes as needed, and also update
your goals page. Are you getting closer to your goals or further away? Even if
you’ve struggled to get going, THIS MOMENT is the perfect chance to start

Pull out your calendar or agenda and schedule your exercise  time for the week. Make it an appointment
just like you would for a doctor or dentist visit or a meeting at work. This
time is IMPORTANT for many reasons- including not just physical benefits but
also emotional and mental. If may mean that you have to get up earlier. I know
that is hard, but it is a great time to get up and get going.

Some tips for early morning exercise:
-Set more than 1 alarm and put at least one of them across the room from your
bed so that you have to get up to turn it off.
-Lay out any needed equipment the night before. If you’re leaving to drive to a
gym or workout group lay out your keys, water bottle, and any other needed
-Sleep in your workout clothes- this isn’t a good option for everyone but works
GREAT for me on the nights before I teach my early morning exercise classes.
-Have an accountability partner. Text/email a friend and ask them to hold you
accountable. Or join a group such as Hello Mornings or Good Morning Girls and
use your group for accountability.

Day #20: February 10th:

Your task today: While exercising (if possible) only listen
to Christian music. Spend the entire time intentionally focused on God and what
He has for you. If this isn’t possible due to the environment of your preferred
exercise, then spend 10 minutes walking and listening to praise music. Don’t
have any? Use your smart phone and stream free music from Pandora. Type in the
name of your favorite Christian band or artist and it will select music for

I’ve said this before, but WHAT YOU PUT IN WILL COME OUT.  The music we choose to listen to influences
our heart and our focus. Make your exercise time your worship time.

Day #21: February 11th:
You did it. Three weeks of focusing on physical activity. This one can be hard
to sustain if you haven’t found a way to make it fit into your everyday life.
If you still haven’t been able to do so, keep working. You don’t have to be
able to go out and run 5 miles a day, but you CAN move your body in some way
each day. Be creative, explore at-home options if needed, but do what YOUR body
is able to do.

Go check in on the Facebook page and let me know how these three weeks have
been for you. Greatest challenges? Greatest successes? Helpful hints and tips?

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