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One of my favorites snacks to have on hand at all times: NUTS!

I like many varieties and types, but my two top favorites are Almonds and Cashews. We buy these unsalted and in large quantities and then I divide them out into small serving sized containers when I meal prep on Sundays. I keep them stashed in my car, my purse and in my desk.

Some people are afraid to have nuts as a regular part of their diet due to the high fat content.

Here are a few statistics that may help change your mind:

*The Journal of Obesity said that those that eat nuts at least two times per week are 30% LESS LIKELY to gain weight compared to those that don’t eat nuts!

*In a recent study, dieters who ate 2 oz of almonds a day lost 6″ from their waist over 24 weeks. This is 50% MORE than dieters eating the same number of calories and no almonds.

*Replacing 127 calories worth of carbs with nuts each day will DECREASE the risk of heart disease by 30%. (127 cals of a carb would be the equivalent of 14 baked Lays potato chips).

*People who eat nuts feel fuller 1.5 hrs longer on average than those eating fat free foods (ex: rice cakes)

*The best way to eat nuts is when you pair them with a low sugar fruit and also drink a lot of water. The water will expand the fiber and help you feel fuller for longer.

Nuts are relatively inexpensive, and if you buy the natural, unsalted, unflavored ones, they’re almost in their natural state so you can feel good about not having a lot of additives.

Although they are good for you, you still can’t eat them to excess. A good rule of thumb would be 2 servings per day and then see how your body does with them. If you’re also having nut butters, you won’t want to have as many servings of nuts. As always, monitor your individual body and see how you feel and then adjust from there.

Have a great week!!!!

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