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About a year and a half ago, God began birthing in my heart a vision for a faith based fitness ministry.

The more I have learned about stewarding our health well for HIS glory, the more compelled I have been to share it with others. After a lot of prayers and time spent trying to determine if this was the direction I was supposed to walk in, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and jumped in.

I started by launching this domain name on January 1, 2014 as well as the Wellness Witness Facebook page.聽 I also led several wellness workshops for local churches and began speaking with the leadership at my own church about the possibility of leading a wellness ministry there.

I learned of an organization called Revelation Wellness and knew that it was where I was being called, although it was way, WAY outside of my comfort zone. Through an amazing series of answered prayers, God threw the doors wide open to this opportunity and I will begin my certification program with them next month.

I also started leading a group through the Made to Crave book and DVD study. This has been SO fun and last night as I looked around the room at the 30 women who were openly discussing their struggles with self concept, food and self-worth and then working on reclaiming all of that for the glory of God, I KNEW I was in the right place.

This morning another dream was fulfilled…I led my first group workout.

Through the prompting of a friend who wanted to be able to come learn a quick exercise routine, I began announcing that I would be holding a group workout in our local park. I posted it a few times on facebook and also on instagram last week.

I prepared as best as I could by putting together a 20 minute strength training based workout, making my husband do it with me, and preparing a short message that I felt like God had given me to share with any that showed up.

I wasn’t able to sleep last night as I was excited and nervous and to be quite honest, overwhelmed with if I could do it. I began to hear the enemy whisper things like “who do you think you are to do this?”, and “what makes you qualified to do this?”.

But my alarm went off at 5:11 and with a quick prayer, I hopped up and threw on my exercise clothes, loaded up my van with weights, some music, an interval timer, some towels and water. My sweet husband knew the importance of this day to me, so he spent time praying over me and then snapped a picture so that we could look back and remember this day.

I drove to the park where we were meeting while it was still dark and prayed for the right people to show up who needed to be there. I waited a few minutes and then saw the first two cars arrive. Then a few more, and then still more. Women that I knew well and loved, women that I haven’t seen in years, and a couple women I had only ever met one time. Each one looking not quite sure that they were ready to be awake this early, or ready to be exercising again. All in all, there were 15 brave souls that decided to support me in this dream and they showed up. What a gift.

I nervously launched into our warm-up and then we began the work-out. I missed a few of the moves I had planned, but overall, I feel like it was a good workout. We laughed a little, we were able to get in a good workout, and I was able to speak a little bit of truth to them from John Ch. 15.

When it was over, they packed up their things and left and I just sat and wept. I watched the sun rise as I was able to reflect on the goodness of God. To praise Him for the vision He had planted and His faithfulness in not only calling me, but also preparing the way.

You see those things that the devil was trying to tell me like “you aren’t equipped or prepared for this?” in all worldly terms would be correct. I have not yet completed my certification program, yet because of the amazing teaching I gained through multiple online resources,聽I was ready. I didn’t yet have my CPR certification in case of an emergency and he sent me a sweet friend who is an EMS worker as well as another that knows CPR as the first two ladies to show up to class. I didn’t know if our location would work and was a bit fearful about being there and setting up in the dark and God had already ordained it so that our first day would also be a local election day and that there would be kind poll workers setting up in the same parking lot to help calm my nerves. He even arranged it so that our church pastor would be out doing his morning walk and come right by our group workout!

And now, without me even approaching the leadership about it, I have been offered the use of our gym at church for this program anytime we need it.


I am not writing this because I want to brag on myself, because HEAR ME ON THIS, none of this is of me or my own doing. What has happened so far has been completely of God and in spite of me. He gave me a calling and then He has been faithful to provide the way as long as I’m obedient to the call.

I don’t know what will happen from here. I don’t know if these same women will come back on Thursday for the next workout or not and I don’t know what God may have ahead for Wellness Witness.

I simply write this to you to say: What is God calling you to do? Is there a desire He has placed in your heart that you can’t seem to stop thinking about? If so, it is time to begin praying and stepping out in faith. He will be faithful, friends- HE IS faithful.

Here are some pictures from today:

Hubby snapped this picture right before I left as we wanted to remember this day. SO exciting and scary at the same time!
The amazing women that came out today!



My teaching for today from John Ch. 15: ABIDING!

I am praying that if you’re reading this and that God has given you a dream to fulfill, that today you begin earnestly seeking Him and His will on it. Yes, it’s scary, but there is blessing to be found, friends. He can accomplish His purposes completely without us, but what a gift when we decided to let Him use us for His glory!

Love you all. Praying for you and cheering you on!

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  1. I'm not sure how or when I happened upon your blog, but this post pierced my heart like none other! I, too, have this similar dream of connecting fitness in a spiritual and physical way for women. I'm currently a school teacher and I love what I do, but I feel alive when leading group classes. This post is my prayer. Thank you so much as I believe this is God speaking to me once again!

    • Hello there! I'm glad to hear that this post spoke to you. If you're feeling a prompting then pray and MOVE in His timing. Would be happy to talk with you more in depth if you'd like. Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Kara! This is an inspiring story. My name is Anna. I am also attending the training in August. I鈥檓 so excited to hear the story of a fellow of RevWeller. As I was reading your story, I was getting nervous FOR YOU!! But you did it! Congratulations. I hope to see you in November at the retreat.

  3. It's so awesome stumbling upon like-minded women on the web! I'm just beginning this adventure in the blogging world with the same hopes! I too love Made to Crave, Metabolic Effect, MomSanity, and Revelation Wellness. Have fun at the training! And good luck with your group workouts!

  4. Hey, Kara. This is Ella Rae Matthews. I am so proud of you. God is using u in a great way. Your words r so inspiring. Keep doing what u r doing and God will continue to bless u. I am a little lost right now with what my purpose in life is. Pray that God will show me what direction I need to take and give me the strength to follow. Love ya.

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