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Today, my husband and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary.

Here we are 9 years ago:

And here we are today:

Life has been good. We have been blessed. I’m glad that this amazing man chose to love me, but even more grateful that he has chosen to love and follow Jesus. God has done such an amazing work in our lives and in our home and I am forever grateful for that.

Today, he surprised me with the most thoughtful gift.

Before I show you what it is, I should give you a bit of background.

Over the past 15 months, God has taken me (and our family) on quite the journey. He has quite literally transformed my heart and my body from the inside out. You can read more about that here.

From that experience, God has birthed in my heart a desire to create and lead a Wellness ministry. For a long time I was afraid to talk about it for fear of failing, but I’ve gotten past that. For whatever reason, I feel like this is the direction I’m supposed to walk in and so even though it’s a bit scary, I’m putting one foot in front of the other.

This website and the facebook page were the first little baby steps on the path towards getting this wellness ministry off the ground. I don’t know where God will choose to take it, and I’m okay with that.

I dream about being able to enroll in the Revelation Wellness Instructor training program. This fitness certification program is different from any other that I’ve ever heard about and involves so much more than just learning how to train someone physically. Revelation Wellness trains their instructors to lead those around them to freedom and health found in Jesus and focuses on Biblical wellness- which is the desire of my heart. My God-sized dream is that one day I would be able to lead in a ministry that helps others learn to be healthy and whole, to honor God with their bodies as well as their spirits and actions, and to learn to love the person that He has created them to be. I truly believe that Revelation Wellness instructor certification is a big part of this. I dream about being able to lead group classes at local churches, outdoor training classes, wellness workshops, online webinars…and much more.

So, I dream towards it. I save any money I make through extra projects and work to it. Each month any money that I have left over goes into my wellness ministry envelope. And I’m inching closer. I still have quite a ways to go, but I’m getting closer. And with each day, I get more excited about what I see God doing in the lives of those that are joining with me through Wellness Witness and are committing to live healthy to honor Him.

My husband is my biggest supporter and cheers me on with ALL my crazy plans. Today, he gave me a present that had a new pair of workout pants, a new workout shirt, and an embroidered jacket.

He has my ministry name put on it and told me that he picked this out so that on the first day that I get to lead one of my group fitness classes, I could wear it.

How thoughtful was that? I love that not only does he let me dream BIG dreams, but He dreams them right along with me.

What about you friend?

What are your God-sized dreams?

What is God prompting you, urging you to do?

What can you not stop thinking about?

I’m praying for anyone who reads this for BOLDNESS and COURAGE to start taking steps towards making your God-sized dream happen. It will happen in His time, and as He wants it, but you must be willing to obey and get going.

I’m cheering for you and I’m proud of you!

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