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Hey, friends! Happy Monday!

Here’s your Monday morning motivation video based on Colossians 1:10-14 MSG.

(If reading this in an email, click HERE to view the video).

Also, today starts week 3 of our Healthy Habit #3: SLEEP!

For the past 8 weeks, we have been working on building in life-long sustainable
healthy habits. For the first three weeks we worked on drinking water (find
those posts here, here, and here), and then we spent three weeks working
on moving our bodies (find those posts here, here, and here). Two weeks ago we began working on Sleep. Read those posts here and here.

How is it going? head over to the Wellness Witness Facebook Page and let me know how you’re doing in each of these areas: 1- Water Consumption 2- Physical Activity 3- SLEEP!

I did not make a new checklist for you this week, but want you to really focus on mastering these habits. YOU CAN DO THIS, friends!

Next week we move onto a new habit: Limiting SUGAR!!!

And check back tomorrow. I hope to have a new post up for you with a Real- Life weight loss success story that you are going to LOVE!

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