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10 Fun Fitness Ideas to Do as a Family

Description: Studies have shown that embracing family fitness routines could improve thinking and verbal memory. Just a few minutes of exercise can boost your mood and make you more productive. Here are ideas for a family workout beyond the gym.

10 Family Fitness Ideas beyond the Gym

Developing family fitness challenges can be fun and will give you incredible health and fitness gains. Collaboration makes a workout more interesting, so if you want your family to stay fit, you might try out family fitness ideas that don’t require going to the gym. Besides, exercising together creates strong family bonding and ensures accountability. It’s a significant opportunity to build positive change for those in your household.

Exercise will benefit your family in many ways. Studies have shown exercise improves thinking and verbal memory. It also boosts your mood and lowers anxiety, making your family happier. Just ten minutes involving moderate exercise can have lasting effects. Besides, by staying active, you lower the risk of chronic and cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

You can easily build positive habits in your children by creating family fitness hours, especially if you begin getting active with them at a young age.

Here are 10 family fitness tips you can implement without visiting the gym.

1. Make it feel Like Play
Your fitness family plan does not have to be obvious. There are many fitness ideas you can create that feel like playing games. For example, you can create a fitness routine out of playing cards. Clubs stand for push-ups, hearts for crunches, spades for jacks, and diamonds for squats. Allow your children to pick the cards then do the number of reps assigned on the card. Take turns for a few minutes and you will benefit from workout without going to the gym.

2. Schedule a Walk

There are more ways to explore family fun and fitness. One idea is going for a walk with your family. Maybe you can make this a daily routine before or after dinner. For a family with younger children, you can let them alternate between riding the stroller and walking. This gives you a fun activity that encourages movement. It allows you to tag along with the entire family, including your dog. Occasionally, you can switch things up and take a hike with your older children.

3. Ride Bikes Together

Children love activities that include their passions. If you want to get the entire family working out, you can go on bike rides together. You can visit many places, including the park for picnics, or just do rides in your neighborhood. Note the distance you are riding to ensure your children don’t get too exhausted to ride back home. If your children are open to new ideas, try skates instead. It’s still fun and gets everyone to work out, keeping the family fit and healthy.

4. Play Sports in the Backyard
Exercise can also involve other children or families in the neighborhood. Set up an area in your backyard and invite other kids from your community. You could play soccer, basketball, flag football, or baseball.
All these are fun choices that will get everyone running. If you have few players, you can adapt the game to ensure you build sports-like skills, such as drooling and throwing. Look for that sport your children love and coach them to create family time that also includes exercise.

5. Host a Dance Party

Music offers an anytime fitness family plan that will get your family physically active. Blast music that your family enjoys and invite everyone for dance in the family room. You could add a disco ball for ambiance or combine it with freeze dance.
A formal dance will be ideal if the family loves dancing. Also, try an adult class similar to your child’s class and teach each other new moves at home. Note that to get the most out of home workout sessions, you should also embrace sports nutrition and a diet that helps the family stay fit and healthy.

6. Go for a Swim

Water offers many ideas that you can explore for family fitness beyond the gym. Try fun activities such as kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, or tubing. This will be fun, and you can involve your children in most of these activities. Children enjoy this kind of adventure, so they will stay hooked the whole time, and you will not need to negotiate to get them interested.
7. Convert Chores into an Active Game

It’s possible to have fun while performing chores at home. Things like sweeping away dust bunnies could interest the family if you make the process fun and engaging. Chase them with a vacuum and have your children save their animals from ‘floor lava’ by running to get them and clean their room. Any tasks you assign could be an opportunity to enjoy fun moments with the family.

8. Play Classic Outdoor Games
Also, make time for classic outdoor games. Games like jump rope, hide and seek, and tag are inclusive and get everyone active while being creative. Many childhood games are active games that you could introduce to the family, especially your kids. Combine new games with a few they enjoy at school or when in the company of other kids around the neighborhood.

9. Stay Fit Running a 5K

Among fit family fitness plans, running is one of the most effective. If your kids are aged 7 to 10, they can walk or run a 5k. Find versions like glow runs, color runs, and Disney 5ks that will get your children excited about running. All these are fun and will motivate your family to join you the next time you schedule participation.
They are good opportunities for exercise that gets the heart racing while strengthening their muscles. Besides workout, you must also follow food fitness family guidelines by sticking to a healthy diet. Eating the wrong foods will reverse gains made from your workouts.

10. Go Mini Golfing

Begin teaching your children the basics of golfing in a mini golf. When the child is ready, you can move them onto practicing at a golf course. Activities like these create good bonding and equip the kids with incredible skills that could help them in the future.

The gym offers a suitable environment for a workout. However, you could still stay fit working out away from the gym. These ideas help you to involve your family and help them enjoy the benefits of staying active. Pick the ideas that are ideal for your environment and have fun while staying fit.

What workout routine do you practice with your family? Let us know in the comments below.

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